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Harry Potter fiction- For the fans, by the fans

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A 6thyear Harry Potter fiction by the fans for the fans, Part of The Harry/Hermione project.

How does it work!? I hear you ask

Just continue on from the last post! Similer to the game 'pass the parcel' Pass the fiction, is a work for the fans by the fans!

The storystarts first day of term, its up to you to write about Harrys Adventures. As well as other characters! Everythings up to you!

AIM: PureDeava for details

To read whats there so far, start from the first entry, and read UP- I will be posting what we have so far on the 1st day of each month :D


1. This is your creative space
2. No post to be longer than 2 paragraphs
3. A meanwhile is allowed
4. You are allowed to change P.O.V as long as it makes sense
5. No 'joke' posts please
6. Anything not to do with the fiction, is to be put under a cut
7. Leave who/what P.O.V your writing is in, in the subject box
8. You can make as many posts as you like, but think about other members please
9: Have fun!
10: This fiction is on a Harry/Hermione, But feel free to add other ships!
11: Don't forget that you can reply in comments too!