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Harry's PoV

I flinched inwardly at the hurt in Hermione's voice. I hated knowing I was hurting her, hated hearing the tears in her voice. But what could I do? I couldn't tell her what was bothering me; I just couldn't.

"I- I can't talk about it, Hermione," I finally managed to say, quietly. And then I added, "Not yet," trying to soften my words, letting her know it wasn't because I didn't trust her or didn't want to talk to her.

Re: Harry's PoV

I did want to tell her. I had tried to before, the words are in my mind. Always in my Mind...But I can never voice them. "Stupid really," I laughed, shutting my eyes- "but the words that haunt my mind, I can't say"

I didn't open my eyes to look at her face, I couldn't.

Hermione's POV

"But....I can't help you if you don't tell me. Harry..." I touched his arm, trying to get him to look at me. "Harry, look at me right now, I want to help you. I love you."

I suddenly realized the impact those words could make. I flushed a slight pink and covered it up quickly.

"You're my best friend and I love you."

 Harry's POV
My head shot up, and hitthe wall behind me.I almost thought she said..."OUCH!" I exclaimed, then laughed, before putting my head back in my hands, Dispair tugging at me again. I stood up, planning on making a speedy exit.

Hermione's POV

If you're going to least agnoledge me for once. I want to be let into your world....and you won't let me. Why? Why won't you let me into your heart?

'I want to let you into mine so much.' I thought, looking at him sadly.

Harry's POV

"Hermione..." I started, unsuer what to say, But wanting to rid her eyes of the pleading look that tugged at my heart. "Hermione- I can't-" I could feel my face crumble.

Hermione's POV

"You can if you want. But you don't choose to." My heart broke as I began to feel anger rise in my face. "All you care about is yourself and hiding your damned feelings. All I want is to be your here for you. But if you can't tell me whats wrong, obviously we aren't as good of friends as I thought we were."

I turned, scared of tears that might begin to fall. I took a few steps away from him, realizing that he didn't trust me with his feelings.

 Harry's POV-

I wanted to stop her, I threw my arm out and grabbed the back of her shirt, and spun her around to face me.

"I-" I started.

Then I stopped thinking, And kissed her. Once, on the lips.

"I'll tell you one day. Soon, I promise"

 Hermione's POV
I looked at him for a moment, slightly stunned.

"Okay." I whispered. Had he done that? Had it really been that quick that I wouldn't have remembered? I couldn't think straight. I looked down at his lips....had those been on mine? I couldn't stop staring and just....breathing. His lips moved slightly and he bit his lip. I wanted to see what they felt like againct mine again but...I was afraid.

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