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Hermiones POV annearchy

"Everything?" I answered, my head spinning with confusion. "What do you mean?"
I'd been with Harry since we were eleven and he and Ron saved me from the troll.
We've always been there for each other. I stood silently, watching his chest
hitch with ragged breathing, his forehead resting on the wall, and struggled to
figure out what could have changed so that Harry would refuse to tell me what
was going on. Unless...

"Harry," I said softly, almost whispering, as I
stood beside him rubbing his forearm gently with my hand, "does this have
something to do with...what happened in the Department of Mysteries?"

Harrys POV (word_waterfall)

I paused, my heart missing a beat- I'd tried so hard to avoid thinking about it, everything that happened.
I shut my eyes tight, pressing my hands onto the ragged stones of the wall, until it hurt. I exhaled slowly.
I almost lost you, Hermione -I thought- And it was all my fault!

I could feel her soft hands rubbing the skin on my forearm, I took a deepbreath and turned my head so my cheek was pressed to the wall- away from her questioning look.
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