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The Fans fiction

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(no subject) [Jun. 18th, 2006|08:41 pm]
The Fans fiction

[music |Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body]

Despite all the sun the UK has seen lately, I'm not feeling the Summer vibe.

Your challenge is to write a one shot fiction, on the theme of 'Summer', we've got some great prizes ofr the winners. They are as follows;

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The Rules, and how to submit!Collapse )

Come and take part!
Please comment on the ORIGINAL POST with any questions you may have.

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(no subject) [Feb. 4th, 2005|12:32 pm]
The Fans fiction

[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |Wierd dance thing my best friend is doing.]

Harry's PoV

I flinched inwardly at the hurt in Hermione's voice. I hated knowing I was hurting her, hated hearing the tears in her voice. But what could I do? I couldn't tell her what was bothering me; I just couldn't.

"I- I can't talk about it, Hermione," I finally managed to say, quietly. And then I added, "Not yet," trying to soften my words, letting her know it wasn't because I didn't trust her or didn't want to talk to her.

Re: Harry's PoV

I did want to tell her. I had tried to before, the words are in my mind. Always in my Mind...But I can never voice them. "Stupid really," I laughed, shutting my eyes- "but the words that haunt my mind, I can't say"

I didn't open my eyes to look at her face, I couldn't.

Hermione's POV

"But....I can't help you if you don't tell me. Harry..." I touched his arm, trying to get him to look at me. "Harry, look at me right now, I want to help you. I love you."

I suddenly realized the impact those words could make. I flushed a slight pink and covered it up quickly.

"You're my best friend and I love you."

 Harry's POV
My head shot up, and hitthe wall behind me.I almost thought she said..."OUCH!" I exclaimed, then laughed, before putting my head back in my hands, Dispair tugging at me again. I stood up, planning on making a speedy exit.

Hermione's POV

If you're going to leave....at least agnoledge me for once. I want to be let into your world....and you won't let me. Why? Why won't you let me into your heart?

'I want to let you into mine so much.' I thought, looking at him sadly.

Harry's POV

"Hermione..." I started, unsuer what to say, But wanting to rid her eyes of the pleading look that tugged at my heart. "Hermione- I can't-" I could feel my face crumble.

Hermione's POV

"You can if you want. But you don't choose to." My heart broke as I began to feel anger rise in my face. "All you care about is yourself and hiding your damned feelings. All I want is to be your friend....be here for you. But if you can't tell me whats wrong, obviously we aren't as good of friends as I thought we were."

I turned, scared of tears that might begin to fall. I took a few steps away from him, realizing that he didn't trust me with his feelings.

 Harry's POV-

I wanted to stop her, I threw my arm out and grabbed the back of her shirt, and spun her around to face me.

"I-" I started.

Then I stopped thinking, And kissed her. Once, on the lips.

"I'll tell you one day. Soon, I promise"

 Hermione's POV
I looked at him for a moment, slightly stunned.

"Okay." I whispered. Had he done that? Had it really been that quick that I wouldn't have remembered? But.....no....yes.... I couldn't think straight. I looked down at his lips....had those been on mine? I couldn't stop staring and just....breathing. His lips moved slightly and he bit his lip. I wanted to see what they felt like againct mine again but...I was afraid.

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Hemiones P.O.V [Jan. 6th, 2005|04:23 pm]
The Fans fiction

"Harry?" I asked, "Why won't you talk to me?"

He had always talked to me,neede my help-asked me first for help.

He remained unresponsive, "Please, Harry!" I said- My voice cracking.

A sob escaped me as I watched him slide down to wall, to sit on the ground.

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Harry's PoV [Jan. 5th, 2005|11:03 pm]
The Fans fiction

I shut my eyes, letting out my breath in a sigh. I knew if I just looked at Hermione, saw the warmth in her eyes, I would break and everything I'd been keeping locked up inside me for the past months would spill out. All the anger, all the sorrow, all the guilt, and more than that, the fear... The fear that if Hermione heard the Prophecy and realized that I was destined to become a murderer, no different than Voldemort, she would draw away, learn to fear me and finally to hate me... She was so kind, cared so much for other people- how could she possibly still be friends with a murderer? And I cringed, part of my spirit cowering at the thought of losing Hermione.

I remembered again the horror I'd felt in the Ministry of Magic, how my heart had stopped beating for a moment. Then, I'd thought I'd lost her to Antonin Dolohov's curse and I couldn't bear the idea that if it hadn't been for me, she would be safe. But to lose her for something I had actually done, to see her and know that somewhere she was alive and hating me- that I knew I couldn't bear. It would kill me.

And so I shut my eyes, keeping my face turned away from her. I knew that my silence would hurt her and I hated knowing it, but what else could I do?
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(no subject) [Jan. 4th, 2005|07:30 pm]
The Fans fiction

[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Ashe - I Don't Believe In Love]

Hermiones POV annearchy

"Everything?" I answered, my head spinning with confusion. "What do you mean?"
I'd been with Harry since we were eleven and he and Ron saved me from the troll.
We've always been there for each other. I stood silently, watching his chest
hitch with ragged breathing, his forehead resting on the wall, and struggled to
figure out what could have changed so that Harry would refuse to tell me what
was going on. Unless...

"Harry," I said softly, almost whispering, as I
stood beside him rubbing his forearm gently with my hand, "does this have
something to do with...what happened in the Department of Mysteries?"

Harrys POV (word_waterfall)

I paused, my heart missing a beat- I'd tried so hard to avoid thinking about it, everything that happened.
I shut my eyes tight, pressing my hands onto the ragged stones of the wall, until it hurt. I exhaled slowly.
I almost lost you, Hermione -I thought- And it was all my fault!

I could feel her soft hands rubbing the skin on my forearm, I took a deepbreath and turned my head so my cheek was pressed to the wall- away from her questioning look.
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(no subject) [Jan. 4th, 2005|06:35 pm]
The Fans fiction

[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Harry's POV (annearchy )

"Harry, I promise we can work things out if you just tell me what you're thinking. I want to help you, I really do..." Hermione said earnestly.

I bit my lower lip, trying to hold back my anger. At her? No, at life, at Dumbledore, at Voldemort, at the effing prophecy. "Not every problem can be worked out just by talking," I said quietly, reining in my emotions so that they wouldn't spill over onto her.

Hermione's reaction was not what I'd expected. She looked as though I'd slapped her in the face. Then she swallowed hard and stared at me. "What could you possibly not talk to me about? This is me, Harry," she implored me. "You've always talked about everything with me...haven't you?"

I ducked my head, averting my eyes from hers.
Harrys P.O.V (word_waterfall )

I looked up again, she still looked at me- her eyes full of hurt.

"Nothings changed, Harry" She whispred "Nothing, I'm still me, I'm still here for you"

"Everythings changed Hermione!" I almost shouted, resting my forehead against the wall-


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Hermione's POV [Jan. 3rd, 2005|10:37 am]
The Fans fiction

"I think I'll grab something later, Ron. I'm still full from breakfast, really. Maybe I'll see you there?" I said hopefully, giving a reassuring smile and hoping he didn't see right through it. There were often days where I came late to or skipped lunch for library trips--this was believable, right? It seemed as though I was the one that needed the reassuring.

As Ron departed he gave a nod, and I turned to Harry who had nearly left also. "Harry, I promise we can work things out if you just tell me what you're thinking. I want to help you, I really do.." I hoped perhaps Harry would have -some- desire to tell me what was going on in his mind. I've always helped him before, why not now?
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(no subject) [Jan. 2nd, 2005|09:24 pm]
The Fans fiction

[mood |calmcalm]

Harry's POV (annearchy )

Hermione sat with me next to the windowsill, clasping my hand in hers, trying to warm it. I looked up toward her and my heart caught in my throat. She's the one who has always believed in me, always been there for me, even when I didn't appreciate what she was trying to do. But how can I tell her what I've been thinking of these past few months? How can I tell her about the prophecy, and what it will turn me into? How could she possibly be my friend or...anything more (and I can't even think about that, much less wish for it)...if she knew what the prophecy will force me to become?

I swallowed past the lump in my throat and rubbed her hand gently in return. I wish I could be brave enough to tell her.

"Hermione, I--"

Hermione's P.O.V (word_waterfall )

I felt my brow furrow, harry had that tense air around him, like he wanted to say something.

"Hermione, I--"

I leaned forward- if he told me what was wrong- I could help him.

"There you are, Mate!" Harry released my hand, and stood up quickly, plastering his face with an all over fake grin- that Ron would never see through. I hit my head on theglass in frustration, and stood up, putting on my own fake grin...That Ron cold never see through.

Hermione's P.O.V (avonlea_dreamer )

I sighed, even as I managed to smile at Ron.
Another few minutes and Harry might have told me, confided in me... Whatever it was that had been bothering him for months now since the end of last year. I was afraid to know and yet I knew I had to, otherwise I couldn't help him. And I did need to help him.

"Hey, Ron," I heard Harry say easily.

"What's up, Ron?" I asked too, as I quickly and surreptitiously squeezed Harry's hand for a second, to let him know that whatever it was he needed to tell me, I'd be there to listen.

Ron's P.O.V (lady_carrie )

I shrug my shoulders as Hermione asked me how I was doing.

"Fine, what are you guys doing?" I ask as I see Hermione squeeze Harry'shand and then let go. I sigh knowing whatever they were talking about it just between them, I hate it when they do that. 

Ron's P.O.V (avonlea_dreamer )

I did hate the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle signs that Harry and Hermione's relationship with each other transcended their friendship with me, in some strange, indefinable way. But I had almost gotten used to it too. Merlin knows it had been that way since our first year... It just bothered me, some times more than others...

Hermione glanced at Harry quickly before saying, "Oh, just talking. Nothing much. Anything new?"

I managed a grin. "Lunch will be in a bit, so I was just wanting to see if you two wanted to eat." 

Harry P.O.V (word_waterfall )

I looked at my feet, and cleared my throat.

"I've already had something,I have a lot of homework to do, Ya know,,," I shrugged and grimaced- I was lying so easily it was scaring me. Ron gave me a sympathetic nod,and turned to ask Hermione. I could see her debating with Hunger and not leaving me alone. I turned, suddenly needing to get out. 

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Hermiones P.O.V [Jan. 1st, 2005|07:30 pm]
The Fans fiction

I bit my lip, where had he gone? The Harry, Ron and I knew? The harry I knew...and my God, the worry? It was like a whirlwind of emotions, running through me- making my stomach flip, and my hands shake. Would he ever be okay again? Stop it Hermione, You're being silly, of course he'll be alright. I looked down at or hands, still clasped together on the cold stone of the windowsill. His knuckles were white from clasping so hard. I bit back tears and exhaled-

"Oh Harry.." I whispered to myself "Please be alright"
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Hermione's POV [Jan. 1st, 2005|02:09 pm]
The Fans fiction

But he refused. He wouldn't budge at first, and didn't speak. I stood there watching his emerald eyes, wishing they were glittering and happy as I'd seen them before. My thoughts were interrupted by his calm, unwavering voice as he said "This isn't easy, you know."

"I know," I returned to him. "But you're going to freeze if you stay up here much longer." I sat beside him, taking his hand in mine and squeezed it gently. "Please, Harry. If you don't come, I'm going to stay here with you." I looked out at the pond, which his eyes had not moved from. It was like being in world trapped inside a snow globe. The cold beauty was captivating.. Yet all I really wanted was to feel warm, and have Harry feel the same.
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